June 2016

I’m a girl of comfort these days and realised late in the spring I was missing something in my life, my trusty converse trainers!  I hunted high and low for my favourite pair of comfy casual converse, the ones I had for years, perfect for the school run and weekends, but to no avail. I knew they were pretty tatty and old, all dusty from the beach and scuffed from walks, so Thought I’d treat myself to a new pair! I couldn’t go all summer without a pair after all!

So I started trawling the Internet for ‘Converse trainers’ to see what came up in the search engine.  Lots of places sell Converse I soon realised and I was faced with plenty of choice and varying prices. I even looked on EBay but the prices were still a bit more than I wanted to pay.

I had been planning to buy a pair of Sketchers originally, as I’d visited a store with my mum recently and felt in ore of all the bright gorgeous styles. But I couldn’t quite step away from the idea of my trusty Converse and I knew I couldn’t afford both. Stick to what you know as they say!

The budget I had in mind was about £30, but the styles of Converse I liked were all around the £50-£60 mark, nearly double my budget! Typical! I wanted something a bit different, with a summery pattern. I added the word ‘sale’ to my internet search and lots of clothing and shoe companies came up as having Converse trainers in their sales. I spent ages trawling through to find the perfect style as they just had to be right. Then I came across these lovely beauties via Office, which specialise in shoes.


Perfect! Just the type of style I wanted for summer, available in my size and half price too! I couldn’t have been more pleased. So I placed my order there and then! For some reason I hadnt thought of going to the Office  site direct to look for Converse trainers, so it was worth shopping around a bit.

The trainers arrived really quickly, within just a couple of days. I was very excited as I tried them on and discovered they fit like a glove! They were even more gorgeous in the flesh and I’ve basically worn them since! I love them because they’re a bit different. I didn’t want all white, but was looking for a design that was quite light and summery. The tiny roses dotted all over the white canvas trainer were just perfect, so delicate and pretty.

I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments about my new converse. ‘Where did you get those?’ ‘Really, is that all you paid?’ ‘Wow, love your converse’ etc. And guess what? I found my old faithful converse in the end, in the boot of my car! So Ive got a spare pair now! The great thing about Converse is they never go out of fashion and they go perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt or equally a floaty dress in the summer.

It was worth the hard work to get the perfect converse trainers for me, but what if you could have some of that hard work done for you? Not a personal shopper, but pretty close! A website where you could see all sales and offers in one place? A one stop shop taking you straight to all the current sales? Sounds useful huh?!

lovethesales.com is a website which finds all UK sales and puts them all in one place for you to browse at your leisure, without flicking from one brand website to another. Check out their website here: https://www.lovethesales.com/And the link to the Office sale on their website is right here: www.lovethesales.com/office-sale you never know you might find something lovely just like I did!

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