November 2015


Saw this on my Facebook a week ago when it was doing the rounds amongst some of my friends and never got round to it. But I thought I would give it a go (better late than never) and that it would be a quick and simple getting to know you quiz for a bit of blogging fun. It’s probably been round before, but I enjoy these, as they ask you questions you wouldn’t normally ask yourself.  It’s great reading others answers too, as you really do get a great insight in to people and what their like.  Similar to the A-Z of me tag. A bit of fun on this cold November evening! Have a go and Tag a friend!

A Age – 37

B Biggest fear – Anything bad happening to my family or falling from a great height

C Car  – Nissan Qashqui

D drink you last had – Red wine

E Every day starts with – A cuddle & kiss from my son

F Favourite song – So many! Right now I’m thinking Purple Rain by Prince

G Ghosts, are they real – Yes

H Hometown – Modbury

I I am most proud of – My Family

J Jewel of choice – Diamonds

K Kardashians, love them or hate them – Love (sorry)

L Last time you cried – Yesterday

M Middle name – Jeanne, it’s French

N Number of siblings – 2

O Orange or satsuma  – Satsuma

P Person you last called – My mum

Q Question your always asked – How are the kids

R Reason to smile – My family

S Song last sang – Don’t you forget about me by INXS

T Time you woke up – 7am

U Underwear colour – White

V Vacation destination – Nowhere at the moment!

W Worst habit – Biting my nails & staying up too late

X X-Ray’s you’ve had – Teeth

Y Your favourite food – Chocolate

Z Zodiac sign – Libra

I nominate the following lovelies, but don’t feel obliged, I know your all busy ladies! You can also mix the questions up by changing a few to new ones! 

Kirsty from Something Crunchy Mummy

Stevie from A Cornish Mum

Julie from Picking up Toys

Emma from The Joy of 5

Eilidh from Mummy and Monkeys

Becky from Cuddle Fairy

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So today, I decided at the last minute I was going to bake something for pudding for our dinner. We don’t usually have puddings (other than yogurt) so this was a treat! I had about 10 mins spare (well as spare as time gets when your a parent!) so I looked in the cupboards and fridge to see what we had in. There were some blueberries to use up and I always have the ingredients for a basic sponge in the cupboard, so blueberry muffins it was! These are so good warm and fresh from the oven. The blueberries when baked in a cake go so sweet and sink in to the sponge, so yummy! These really are so quick to make and are ideal for a quick baking session with the kids or a quick pud. Tasty with double cream, ice cream or on their own! Enjoy…

Preperation time: 5-10 mins

Baking time: 15-20 mins

What I used:

4oz Self raising flour

4oz a Caster sugar

4oz butter (as always I use Stork)

2 x eggs

250g blueberries

A drop of milk

A drop of vanilla essence

What I did:

First I pre-heated the oven to 180c.

I put the self raising flour, caster sugar and butter in a large mixing bowl and added  the 2 eggs. Then I mixed it all together with a wooden spoon (you could use an electric mixer too). Then I added the milk and vanilla essence and mixed these in well.  Then I stirred in the blueberries.

Then I spooned the mixture in to the muffin cases, so they were just over half full. Then I placed them on the top shelf in the oven and baked them for approx 15 minutes.

You know when their ready as they will be golden brown on top.

We ate ours warm about 5 minutes after coming out of the oven – so delicious!



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I was so pleased we were able to book a week in Cornwall this October for half term. It felt like it made up for the wash out our August camping holiday turned out to be! My son had been counting down the days for weeks and weeks, and it was amazing how quickly it came round in the end! Soon we were on our way, car packed with excitement and everything else bar the kitchen sink!

Saturday: We’re going to Cornwall!

We left on Saturday late morning, an hour after we’d planned to leave (as always) and made the journey in the car in good time. It took us about 3 hours from home to get to Hayle in Cornwall. We arrived at St Ives Bay Holiday Park just after 2pm and were directed to our caravan, our home for the next week. The first thing we noticed is how close to the beach we were and we had an amazing sea view right from our caravan. As soon as we arrived we felt at home. My son was so excited to have arrived in our caravan and to be able to see the sea! The caravan, although the budget option, was like new and perfectly clean. We went for the cheapest ‘budget’ 2 bed option which cost us about £230 for the week. I didn’t think that was too bad for half term! I was a bit nervous about the kids sharing a bedroom as they hadn’t shared before, but they were so excited about it! All the caravans were set within the beautiful sand dunes and most enjoyed the amazing beach and sea views. It really is set in a fantastic position. Please look out for my separate review post for St Ives Bay Holiday Park!

After we had brought everything in to the caravan from the car (there was a lot!) and unpacked a bit, we headed straight out to check out the beach. The beach was literally 2 minutes walk from our caravan. There was a short walk through the sand dunes down a hill and then on to the beach. My hubby and I just sat for a moment, watching the kids play and taking in the sea air. I immediately felt relaxed. There’s something special about being right by the sea.



Sunday: The Lizard & Sunday carvery 

On our first full day in Cornwall, we visited the Lizard. Now we’re members of the National Trust we wanted to make use of our membership and we always go to the Lizard when we visit Cornwall, so it was a perfect first day. We were so lucky with the weather, although blowy, it was bright and sunny for most of our visit. We started by walking along the coastal path and walked for about half an hour before turning round to come back. My son is great at walking, but was still a bit tired from school so we didn’t want to walk too far. We were lucky enough to see some seals swimming close to shore. Thankfully my hubby brought his binoculars so we could get a better look. It’s rare not to see seals at the Lizard from our experience, they never fail to appear! So lucky, and they’re lovely to watch in the wild.

After our walk and seal watching, we went and visited the Lighthouse which was really interesting.  My hubby and son went on the tour to the top, but unfortunately my daughter was too little, so we stayed behind. Then afterwards we went to the most southerly cafe for a cream tea! It was wonderful to be able to sit outside and enjoy the late October sun.



Monday: The Seal Sanctuary

The Seal Sanctuary is my sons new favourite place! Ever since we visited at the beginning of the year, my son has wanted to go back. We brought the tickets at the caravan site and got 20% off with a free return within 7 days visit ticket. The weather unfortunately started to turn when we got there, so we got a bit wet, but it didn’t stop us from having a great time! After we visited all the lovely seals, sea lions and penguins, we went for a walk through the woodland. Because it was Halloween they had a ‘find the witch’ game, which my son enjoyed!

We managed to find a sheltered spot under a tree for our picnic and I welcomed a cup if coffee from our flask as it was very damp and cold!

They had lots of activities going on due to it being Halloween, as well as finding the witches, my son enjoyed making a bat from a peg! Another super visit to the Seal Sanctuary!



Tuesday: Newquay Zoo & beach evening 

We have Paignton Zoo annual passes, which means we get free entry to Newquay Zoo too! So on the Tuesday of our holiday we headed to Newquay to visit the Zoo. The weather was a bit wet, so we took our waterproofs and a flask of something warm! The Lions were definitely the highlight of the day. The male lion was playing football with a massive ball that was in the enclosure. I’ve never seen a lion so active, as they’re normally fast a deep, lazing about! Amazing to see!

We took a picnic with us and found a nice spot by the maze and sheltered from the rain, where we ate. Unfortunately I dropped our flask and it broke! But we managed to get one cup of coffee out of it at least! The kids really enjoyed seeing all the animals and running around. My son and I got lost in the maze too!

In the evening we went for a walk across the sand dunes and down to the beach. Then we had great fun making sand castles and paddling in the sea!



Wednesday: St Michaels Mount

I just love St Michaels Mount! plus it was another trip included with our National Trust passes! It only took about 20 mins to get there from our caravan, so we got there quite early and timed it perfectly with the tide being out, so we could walk across to the Mount. It was quite busy and the garden was closed due to high winds, but we still got to go round the house and enjoy the amazing views. The sun even came out at one point!

They had a quiz on and as you walked round there were various questions to answer in relation to the rooms and castle. At the end we all got gold medals for completing the quiz, which my son was very proud about (although it was actually daddy who answered the questions!).

Because my daughter has not long been walking and the Mount isn’t exactly pushchair friendly, she went in the Boba 3G carrier and for a nearly 18 month old was surprisingly happy! After we walked back over from the Mount we went for lunch in one of the pubs and was even able to sit outside!



Thursday: Paradise Park

Paradise Patk was just 5 minutes up the road from us and was a bit of a last minute plan, but we ended up having an amazing time! When we got there we were just in time for feeding some of the birds. What an experience! It was bird crazy! It was really fun having the birds land on you and eat from the pot you were holding. My son really enjoyed it but for some reason the birds wouldn’t land on him and they all landed on me instead!

We also got the opportunity to get up close to a baby penguin, which was a real treat. ‘Paul’ the baby penguin let you sit right next to him and have your photo taken with him. I got a fantastic photo of my son with ‘Paul’.

The highlight for my son though I’m sure was the indoor play area! We spent probably half our time in there whilst he went up and down the slides!!



Friday: Beach Walk & Godrevy

On the Friday we all wrapped up warm and walked down to the beach for a long walk. We walked about a mile along the beach and found an amazing bit of rock separated from the cliff and some interesting little caves, which my son enjoyed exploring. Hayle beach is honestly the most amazing beach of approximately 3 miles of golden sand!

We had lunch back at the caravan and then in the afternoon we went to Godrevy a National Trust house and gardens. We got there a little later than planned, so only had a couple of hours there. They had lots of Halloween activities going on, including Halloween games in the gardens and spooky story telling in the house! We took a rain check on the ghost stories as I think my son might have been a bit scared! And we walked round the grounds instead, which included the most ancient garden in England.

We definitely want to go back and spend a little longer there and visit the famous tea room!



Saturday: Going home!

It was so sad when our week came to an end. We had such a fun filled week which went by so quick! We made some very very happy memories and I felt so lucky to have spent such special quality time with the family.

So we said farewell to our little caravan and our lovely sea view and headed home with two very tired and sleepy kids!

Monkey and Mouse



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I have no idea where the times gone this last month, October has been absolutely crazy! So I decided to write 3 weeks worth of ‘Happy List’ in this one post to catch up. There’s been so much going on, it’s been busy at work and at home. We’ve done some lovely things as a family over the last few weeks, including going away to Cornwall for half term (which I’ll write about in another post). So there’s much to be happy about! So here it is, these are my top 5 happy bits from weeks 35-37.

1. Enjoying our local National Trust beach & collecting shells. We’ve been spending lots of time on the beach enjoying the sunny autumn weather. We have been lucky with the weather recently haven’t we? Now we’re members of the National Trust we get free parking at our local National Trust beach not far from us, which really comes in handy. No searching for loose change and we can just pop over any time for the day or just half an hour.  Below are some pictures of one of our trips when we had fun collecting shells. My daughter really enjoyed putting all the shells in her bucket and we took them home for her to keep. She hasn’t really stopped playing with them since!




2. Extra non pupil day & zoo trip. As you will know if you read my blog, the zoo is my sons absolute fav place to visit. He was lucky enough to have an extra non pupil day on the 9th October so we made an impromptu visit to the zoo! We more than make up the cost of our annual pass!! It was so quiet there as it was a week day and out of school holidays. It turned out to be a very relaxing and chilled out day. Here’s some photos of our day.




3. Homework progress, yay!  I never thought homework would be such hard work! In fact, it’s safe to say it’s been one of the hardest stages of parenting so far! With my son moving up to class one this September, the homework started and it’s been a real struggle for him (and me!). We’ve had screaming tantrums over just having to do 5 minutes! I’ve battled with hard love and softly softly approaches to no avail. However, we’ve had some progress these last couple of weeks! At last I think he’s accepted homework is part of his life (sad I know) and he’s been a lot happier completing his homework. Well, no tantrams anyway. A bit of bribery has helped (yes I know bad parent) but whatever it might be, we’ve definately turned a corner! I’ll write about this in a separate post too.

4. Visiting the Gruffalo trail. We’ve been meaning to visit the Gruffalo trail at Haldon Forrest for a long time now. They’ve actually stopped doing the quiz around the trail now, but some of the activities are still there and the Gruffalo statue is still at the end (which is the main thing!). Anyhow, we made it a couple of Sunday’s ago and we really enjoyed it! It was super super busy, apparently it’s always like it there as it’s very popular with cyclists and families. There’s several trails and walks you can do, varying in difficulty and length. But we walked the Gruffalo trail (which is reasonably short) and had so much fun looking for the Grufalo at the end! The trail was mostly flat so my daughter was able to toddle along too! And we had a picnic about half way round. Of course the best bit was my sons face when we reached the end and saw the Gruffalo.




5. Ladies that lunch (or morning coffee!). As you know I adore my Friday’s off work when I get to do the school run for my son and spend the day with my daughter. A couple of Friday’s ago I decided we were going in to town for morning coffee and a tea cake. Well obviously I had the coffee and my daughter ate most the tea cake!! Days like these remind me of when I was on maternity leave, such wonderful times (mostly). God, I miss those days. Anyhow, we went to one of our fav cafes which has the all important toy corner (such a bonus!). My grown up girl sat proudly in the grown up chair and happily ate her tea cake. So cute. Such a happy morning.




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