May 2015

1. Attending my boys school cafe.  On Monday I got a written invitation from my boy to attend his class school cafe.  It was great finishing work early and being able to be there for him.  All the children wore chef hats, took orders and served their parents food and drink.  It was do much fun and my boy did a great job.  Look out for my post about this!


2. My boy getting ‘Child of the Week’ at school.  My boy exceeded himself again receiving his second ‘Child of the Week’ certificate.  This time it was awarded for swimming and doing well at his class cafe and role playing.


3. My daughter walking with a walker. It was only a few weeks ago she started to crawl and now she is already walking with the help of her walker or your hand.  She’ll be taking her first steps soon!

4. Enjoying my last day at work before my week off for half term!  It was such a good feeling finishing work on Thursday knowing I had all the following week off for half term.  Lots more time with my little ones!


5. Staying away with one of my best friends child free!  I actually got a night away to have a girly night out and a lie in! I missed the kids like crazy (luckily I have all this week off with them) but it was great to catch up with my friend and have a good old dance! This pic is of us looking a bit blue at the gig we went to!



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My week at a glance this week features these lovely photographs…

  • My daughter feeling pleased with herself for being able to join in with her brother, now she can stand.
  • My new blogging notebook! Exciting! For all my to do lists and ideas!
  • My son proudly showing me the monkey picture he’d done at after school club.
  • A sweet moment between my kids – also featuring as #mysundayphoto this week.
  • Two pictures from my work office – my desk and ‘Keep Calm and Kerp Swimming’ poster.

What photographs would you feature in your #myweekataglance ?




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Tuesday 19th May

6am My alarm goes off, it’s time to get up!  Believe it or not I’m up and out of bed before the kids! I get in the shower (it’s non hair washing day today so it’s quicker!) I get dressed, today I’m wearing some black straight legged tailored trousers and flowery chiffon top from Next.  I’ve got a bit of walking to and from meetings today, so I’m wearing my ‘comfy’ high heels!


6.30am Whilst my hubby wakes my daughter up, I go downstairs and make my packed lunch. I get my daughter and I something to drink before we have to leave the house.  I have coffee and my daughter has warm milk.  I also give her a biscuit to see her through to breakfast, which she has at Nursery.


6.50am My daughter and I leave the house for our journey to work and nursery.  Well it’s actually 6.52 by the time the bags are in the car and my daughters strapped in her seat.  My sons still in bed asleep right now so I don’t get to see him before we leave.  As soon as we head off my daughter falls asleep so it’s a peaceful journey.

7.25am We arrive at the nursery.  I wake my daughter up and she awakes all happy and excited as soon as she realises where we are (she absolutely loves nursery!) I hand her over to one of the nursery ladies with her breakfast and give her a kiss goodbye.  She’s quite happy and smiles at me as I leave.

7.30am I leave nursery and head off for work.

7.35am I arrive at work and park right outside the building where’s there’s still spaces as its early.  I go to my office and the first thing I do is switch on my PC and go and make myself a cup of coffee.


7.40am – 8.30am this is when I normally have some quiet time to check emails, have my coffee and check my schedule for the day ahead.

8.25am I ring home to check all is ok and say good morning to my son.  He tells me he loves me and is looking forward to giving me a big huggle when I get home.

8.30am It’s my first meeting of the day with one of the Directors and it’s a pre-meet for an important meeting we have tomorrow.

9.25am I’m 15 minutes late for my next meeting which was at 9am as my first meeting over ran! We are meeting with one if the departments for a review.  It’s a very positive meeting and a great report all round.

10.50am I rush to my 11am meeting only to get there and find out it was actually supposed to be at 10.30am, so we have to rearrange. I’m really annoyed but it gives me some breathing space before my next meeting.

11.15pm – 1pm I make my excuses for the meeting at 12.30pm and send a deputy so I can crack on with some pieces of work in the office.  I take the opportunity to eat my lunch while I work.


1.15pm I have a quick catch up with one of my team and we discuss and type up some ideas.

1.30pm I have a meeting with finance.  We look over some very complex spreadsheets I can barely understand (!) and discuss some plans.

2.30pm My meeting with finance is cut short so I can fit in an urgent meeting with a Director and another member of staff.  We put some urgent plans in place and have a general catch up as its the first time I’ve seen them since returning to work.

3.30pm I finish some tasks I started earlier in the day and send an urgent email.  A colleague pops in to say hello.

4.20pm I log off my PC and wash up my coffee mug and leave my office for the day.

4.25pm I get in the car and drive down to the nursery to pick my daughter up.  She gives me the biggest smile when she sees me and the nursery ladies tell he about her day.  She’s been in the garden and enjoyed playing in the kitchen! We get in the car for our journey home.

4.35pm My daughter and I leave nursery and head home.  The traffic isn’t too bad and my daughter falls asleep again.

5.15pm We get home and the hubby is home starting to cook tea.


5.40pm I walk up the road to my sons school to pick him up. It’s about 5-10 mins walk from our house.  He’s been at after school club today.  He is so pleased to see me and runs up to me to show me his picture of a monkey!


6.15pm We all sit down to have tea together – one of my favourite times of day! it’s a yummy pasta dish tonight an all family favourite!


6.40pm We leave the dishes and all go upstairs and spend 30 mins or so having a play together, in our bedroom, before bath time.  Such a special time for me as I’ve not seen the kids all day.


7.10pm The kids get in the bath, a bit later than normal.  It’s hair washing night for them too, so it takes a bit longer.  My kids love their bath time together and have so much fun!


7.20pm The kids get out of the bath.  They always want to stay in longer as they love bath time! We get them in their PJ’s and they clean their teeth.  We all sit on mine and my hubby’s bed and they drink their warm milk and I read a story.

7.30pm The kids go to bed. My boy asks for another book to look through whilst he is in bed and we choose his favourite dinosaur book.

7.35pm I wash up the dishes and my hubby does the drying up.  I put a wash on and sweep and wash the kitchen floor.

8pm I sit down at last! With my iPad and a glass of wine. I watch Emmerdale on catch up whilst checking Twitter. I write up most of my day for this blog post in drafts. I spend the rest of the evening on Twitter and Instagram and reading blogs.

11pm I put the iPad down (at last) and go up to bed! By the time I have faffed around its nearly 11.30pm before my head hits the pillow.


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1. Coming home from work and getting an amazing welcome home. My daughter as soon as she heard my voice came crawling to the door as fast as she could, lifted her arms up and gave me the biggest hug! It was so funny, I could hear her excitedly crawling to me all the way thought the house!

2. Watching my son and daughter play together. This week we actually got to take the sand/water table that we brought a few weeks ago, outside! And my son couldn’t wait to fill it with water and start playing. My daughter as soon as she saw him playing, went over and joined in.  He really enjoyed showing her all the toys.


3. Picked up my new car! I’ve traded my Hyundi in for a Nissan Qashqai and I love it! It was so scary driving a brand new car home after I picked it up. And it’s a bit bigger than the hyundi so I had to get used to that. But I’ve got used to driving it now and I absolutely love it!

4. My hubby succeeding with the allotment. It’s been a slog but my hubby has made amazing progress up at the allotment. He worked really hard this weekend and finished getting most of the seeds in. We can’t wait to start harvesting the fruits of our labour now!


5. Reminiscing about the birth of my daughter. I at last wrote up ‘My baby girls turned one!’ Post this week. It was so lovely looking back at all the gorgeous pictures of her when she was newborn. I can’t believe a years gone.  The only problem is, it made me all broody again!


Mami 2 Five
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This is my recipe for an easy all in one sponge, which is no fail every time.  This time I used it for my baby girls birthday cake for her first birthday.  Super super simple sponge cake.  I also had a go at decorating it too! But I’m no expert!

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes (approx)

What I used:

6 oz self Raising Flour

6 oz caster sugar

6 oz butter (I use baking Stork)

3 x eggs

1 x tsp vanilla essence


What I did:

Preheat the oven to 180c.

Greased 2 x 8 inch round baking tins and line with baking paper.

I put the butter and sugar in first and beat together until smooth.  I whisked in the eggs, one at a time. Then I sifted in the flour from a height to get lots of air in to it.  The flour was folded in and I added the vanilla essence.  You can put all the ingredients in together and mix if you like but it can come out a bit denser.  The mixture was then put in the tins I’d prepared earlier, equal amounts in both.  The tins of mixture were put in the oven and allowed to bake for approx 25 minutes or until golden and cooked through.  I test mine with a metal skewer which you put in the cake for a few seconds and if it comes out clean it’s ready.


When cooked, I put the cakes on a baking wire rack to cool and then filled the cakes with jam and butter cream.


To make the butter cream:

Mix 1 oz butter with 4 oz of icing sugar and add a drop of vanilla essence for flavour.  I use a little milk too to help bring it all together.

I put the butter cream on the under side of one of the cakes and the jam on the under side of the other half and sandwich together.


To decorate:

This time I used ready made and ready to roll pink fondant icing.  I used blue butter cream in a squirty tube to write my daughters name and draw a butterfly (or attempt to anyway!). Then I sprinkled little sugar butterflies over to finish.  And of course a number 1 candle!


What’s your sponge recipe? And how have you decorated yours?

Jess x




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