April 2015

1. Watching a film. I took the opportunity to watch a movie one night when my hubby went out with the lads. I watched ‘Water for Elephants’ with Robert Pattison and Reese Weatherspoon. I really enjoyed the love story and happy ending (soppy thing!).  It was great to just chill out and have some me time.  I enjoyed a glass of vino too!

2. Meeting my 6 k running target. I didn’t think I would this week as I hadn’t run for a while, but I actually managed to run 6k and I felt I could have run even further! I felt so full of energy and the scenery was stunning. The sun was going down and made the sky look so beautiful it kept me going! On the home stretch I took a photo (as I jogged on the spot!).  I haven’t included it though as for some reason it’s really small and I can’t figure out how to make it larger! #photofail

3. My little girl turning one and crawling! So this week my baby girl turned one. It was a mix of emotions. On the one hand I was full of joy and pride seeing my little girl reach such a milestone. On the other, I felt sad that she had grown up, way too fast. Her birthday was the day she decided to crawl and she ventured everywhere! Amazing she went from virtually not moving to crawling everywhere!  Her godmother took the lovely picture below of her with her new dolly which she was very excited about!


4. My boy becoming such a chatter box! My boy has suddenly become such a chatter box.  He is so full if life and questions it’s so lovely to see.  You can see him thinking as he’s talking and really trying to understand the world around him.  I love watching him and listening to him as he soaks up everything and try’s to articulate everything in his head. He’s so grown up now and wants to know everything!


5. My baby girl giving her brother a big hug!  Today my little girl felt a bit under the weather.  She has been so tired, as she’s had interrupted sleep due to coughing and I think she’s teething too. When she woke up crying when she napped today and I brought her downstairs, she looked all sorry for herself.  She was cuddled in to me and then suddenly she lurched forwards to her brother and gave him the biggest hug ever and they cuddled each other for such a long time it was gorgeous.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to grab my camera! I love seeing them so close, it makes me so happy.

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Somebody said to me once, write down all the funny things your child says once they start talking, it will be something to look back on and make you all laugh when their grown up.  Well, I’m a bit late with my boy (he’s neatly 5) but I thought it would be funny to start capturing some of the things he says that have have made me giggle to myself or made the hubby and I laugh.  So, this is my first post (I’m sure there will be more) I have entitled simply ’10 funny things my boy has said’.



1. ‘Why have you got spots?’ – great! Thanks for pointing that out son! Love how kids just say it as it is!

2. ‘Mummy, my sisters annoying me!’ – yes son, you’ve got years of that to come.  Trust me, get used to it, it won’t get any better!

3. ‘It won’t go down mummy’ – you can probably guess what he was referring too. This was a bath time incident. I said ‘stop touching it then!’ Then he said ‘it still won’t go down!’ To which I said ‘over to daddy!’

4. ‘You silly chump’ – I don’t know where he gets this from (‘coughs’ umm hubby).  He says it quite a lot and we’re trying to stop it obviously.  I can think of worse things to call us but seriously there’s no respect!

5. ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah, woop, woop’ – the first time he said this, I think when he got something right or was excited, my hubby and I looked at each other in fits of laughter! Where did he get that from? His teacher of course! Obviously.

6. ‘What the sherbet lemons?!’ – this is something hubby and I say in replacement of other words (if you know what I mean).  Totally our fault.  Makes us giggle every time. Can’t help it.

7. ‘Uh oh spaghettio’ – again, one of mine and my hubby’s sayings.  Funny how he’s picked this up and uses it when he gets something wrong or drops something.  Makes me think what he says when he’s at school…but then the teacher taught him ‘oh yeah, oh yeah, woop, woop!’

8. ‘I’m 16’ – I tend to agree with this one when he has his teenage like attitude! Makes me laugh how grown up he thinks he is.

9. ‘When I was a little boy…’ – as above, makes me laugh he thinks he’s so grown up.  I say to him ‘but you are a little boy’ and he replies ‘no I’m not mummy, I’m a big boy!’.  So cute he uses this phrase when he’s remembering something that happened, be it yesterday or a year ago.

10. ‘You are old and rickety’ – yes, this was referring to me. Not sure why he said it as I’m obviously not old and rickety (haha). It’s the rickety bit that made me giggle! I googled the meaning of rickety and it came up with ‘poorly made and likely to collapse’. Great.

Got to love them and the things they come out with…!! X




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That dreaded moment when you collect your child from nursery and as your about to leave, they reach there arms out to their carer – yep that happened to me today! So after 8 weeks of being in childcare my little girl in that moment, wanted to be in her carers arms not mine.  What does this mean? That she’d rather stay with them, than come home with me?  That she prefers her carer to me? Damn, it hurt, it really hurt.

Its been as tough leaving my little girl at nursery as it was first time round with my boy. Accept its a bit more of a familiar concept now, whereas it was completely alien first time round. She goes to the same nursery as my boy went to, so I know them all really well, but it’s as hard leaving her as it was him.  That first day when you drop them off, passing them over to the arms of another, is hard.  Once you’ve tackled that hurdle, it’s dealing with the tears when you leave them, or the opposite, like today when my little girl wanted to go back! A roller coaster of emotions.

I remember when my boy was at nursery he actually used to ask for his carer when he was at home.  When he was a little bit older I specifically remember a time when I had to tell him off and when he got upset he said ‘I want Emma!’.  Emma was his key carer at nursery at the time.  That hit hard and stuck in my mind for a long time.

I also remember the time when my boy was poorly, but not poorly enough to stay home (in my view at the time) so I still sent him to nursery. When I dropped him off I remember looking back and seeing his crying face through the window.  It broke my heart.  And the guilt? I felt so guilty.  Guilt is a familiar emotion I feel being a parent.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate! For me it’s the guilt of leaving my little girl at nursery to be cared for by someone else, or not being there to pick up my boy from school, because I’m at work.  BUT I know there are real benefits to my little girl going to nursery.

My oy, when he was at nursery, was a happy little boy, had a great time and made lots of friends.  I’m hoping for the same experience for my little girl.  Yes, there’ll be days when she’ll be sensitive or feel under the weather, but all children have those days whether they go to nursery or not.

I expect I’ll dwell over what happened today for a while and it did hurt that she wanted in that moment to be with her carer, but at least it’s a sign my little girl is enjoying nursery and its a positive and happy place for her be. And I’d much rather it be that way than the other.


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Like most recipes I post, this ones super simple and only a few ingredients needed! These cookies are so yummy and go down a treat with my boy (and me!).


Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 8 minutes

What I used:

4oz caster sugar
4oz soft brown sugar
4oz butter
8oz self raising flour
1 x egg
4oz chocolate chips (white or milk)

this is recipe will make about 30 small cookies.


What I did:

Pre-heat the oven to 180c

First of all I mixed the butter and both sugars together in a large mixing bowl. Then I added the egg and mixed this all together until it was blended in. Next I sift the flour in to the mixture and mixed in the chocolate chips. That’s it!


I rolled the mixture in to small balls and placed them on to the baking paper lined tray. Remember to space them well as they will spread. I baked them in the oven for approx 8 minutes. You want them to come out still soft so they are nice and chewy and melt in the mouth! Yum!










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1. Reading nursery rhymes to my boy. I’ve always read a bedtime story to my little boy and this week he chose his Nursery Rhyme book, which we’ve not read for ages. We read half of it last night and the other half tonight. We lay on the bed and he cuddled right in to me whilst I read all the rhymes. So lovely.


2. Seeing my little girl develop physically so quickly. My little girl is a year old next week (eek!) and has sat still most of her life so far! My boy was never a crawler either and he went straight to walking at 14 months. My girl seemed to be going the same way, she was more than happy to just sit and play with toys (a blessing some might say!) but she’s actually crawled! Well just a little bit. And she can now sit up from lying down too! She’s become so much more mobile in just the last week. Amazing how quickly they can change.

3. My little girl going to her first birthday party. My little girl was invited to her first birthday party on Saturday. It was the little boy of one of my new mummy friends whose birthday is 2 days before my little girls. But they had his party this Saturday. They hired a hall and set up lots of baby soft play areas including a ball pool. My baby girl loved it, playing with all the other babies and giggling at all the balloons and other children.


4. Enjoying more time in the garden and allotment. (Look out for my Garden & Allotment Part 2 Post coming soon!). We’ve been so busy so haven’t had enough time as we would have liked up at the allotment, but we’ve spent a couple of days up there this weekend (well, hubby mostly!). The plot is now all dug over and we’ve even planted some potato seeds.


5. Having a day at home with the children. Sometimes I just love being at home and enjoying the simple things in life. My little boy played with his batman lego and my little girl played with my boys old Mega Blocks lego. We did some baking too, making some delicious cookies (recipe will be posted soon!). The weather was gorgeous too, so we spent some time in the garden and planted our strawberry plants.




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